Weekly News - 18.12. - 24.12.2017


  • Great news from Thailand his week. Two big wildlife trafficking syndicates in Asia hit hard after two successful operations by the EAL and the Thai Authorities. Operation 11/12/17 and Operation 12/12/17. If you don't follow them already, go and have a look at https://elephantleague.org/. They are doing an amazing job. - via EAL

Weekly News - 11.12. - 17.12.2017


  • Phase Detection Autofocus explained (Video) - via PetaPixel
  • This will make your day. - via Metro



  • On a daily basis we see money being wasted on stuff that nobody needs. And then there is supposed to be not enough money to save a species. Ridiculous! - via The Guardian
  • I am afraid that there is more to come. - via Independent
  • Why! Just, why. - via Telegraph