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Who is Saving the Survivors and why i introduce you to them

Have you have ever looked into donating money to a good cause, animal welfare organisation, etc.? Then you'll probably know how difficult it is to find someone you trust. Unfortunately, there are way too many black sheep out there and if you have been tricked once, no matter how small the donation was, you'll think twice whether you try again or not. It happened to me and for a long time I didn't feel like trying again. But I did. And I am glad I did. Through chatting to Dr. Zoe Glyphis, a team member of STS, I immediately had a good feeling about STS and for me that's what counts. Of course, did I do some research as well, but connecting with members of the organisation is a must. (At least if you want to go all in and really get involved.)

Here is a brief introduction to Saving the Survivors:

Dr. Johan Marais founded STS, a small team of three Veterinarians, in 2012 in South Africa. They devote their time to saving the life of animals that have been attacked by poachers. Even though, rhinos are their most common patients, any injured animal will receive a treatment. 

STS works by the motto "education is key".  In cooperation with "Action for Rhinos" they created an education project called "Creating Hope from Hurt". The goal is to familiarise school kids with conservation from a young age. You can have a look at their amazing and FREE resource centre here.

As mentioned above, money is one way to help. But it is by far not the only way. You can raise awareness, educate, start a fundraiser just to name a few. If you are determined to get involved, you will find a way to do so. Why don't you contact me and we brainstorm a bit. I'd love to help you getting involved if you really want it.

I have linked the social media channels of STS below and I encourage you to have a closer look at their work. Should you be interested in frequent updates, make sure to follow them.

Oh and one more thing. Thank you! Thank you for showing an interest in helping world's wildlife! 

Chat soon.